Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My 30th Birthday

I was looking through some pictures and I realized that I never posted or even shared what my amazing husband did on my birthday.  

I turned thirty two weeks ago today.  The night before, Brandon decided he wanted to take me out to dinner.  He had found a babysitter and everything.  So, we went out to Chili's, which has been my favorite restaurant for years.  Our plan was to eat, go to Lowes and buy paint, and then go home and repaint the dining room/kitchen area because the beigeish color we had painted it was way too neutral for me.  :-)  

When we got home, the house seemed dark and empty except for some pretty party decorations I could faintly make out in the darkness.  We were then greeted with "happy birthdays" everywhere!  Brandon had planned a surprise party for me!

There were friends from church, from our staff team, and from Cru!  I felt so loved and blessed that night to have such wonderful friends and such a great husband.  Thanks, sweetheart!  

Holly H. and Holly W.  made the amazing cakes.  They were WoNDerFul!  And sadly, they were all eaten.  :-) 

Caleb helped me blow out the candles.   The blurriness in the pictures is because I hate using the flash on my camera.  

This beige paint is now blue...soon to be decorated with white paint.  I haven't decided on the design yet.  Needless to say, we didn't get any painting done that night. 

Doesn't Liz look amazing for just having had a baby a few weeks before?

Brandon gave me breakfast in bed...Cream of Wheat.  He makes something I would never have eaten before postively mouth-watering...with brown sugar and butter.  Not too healthy, but so good. 

Caleb also helped me eat my breakfast.  That's koala next to him...his favorite stuffed animal. 

The other Caleb had the idea to go hiking on the morning of my birthday up at the waterfall in Fillmore Canyon.  Living in the desert, this is an amazing novelty for all of us.  It is beautiful. 

Caleb took Caleb out to touch the waterfall. 

Then they threw some rocks for a while. 

And this is who greeted us on our way out.  A tarantula as big as my hand.  

Caleb's birthday is on Sunday with his party on Saturday.  So now we are getting ready for that. I am excited.  It is fun to have the space to have lots more people over than before.  Instead of having his party in the park, we can have it at our home.  So fun!


Kelly H. said...

YAY! happy birthday...uh, two weeks late. :) glad it was a good one--what a nice husband you have!!!

Holly said...

I love you, friend! and cream of wheat IS healthy... for the soul. :)

The Cousins- Joe, Angie, Lily, and Indy said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like it was a wonderful day! I was thinking the whole thing was just lovely- until the huge spider-maybe this is why I could never live in the south!:)

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