Friday, September 19, 2008

What a face!

We had a great time camping up in Cloudcroft this weekend...and spent some good time with fun people.  I will hopefully post some pics soon. 

For now, here is another page with pictures I took on his birthday.  

Though, I might add, he wasn't the most joyful little boy last night when he was screaming his head off in the tent and we had to come home.  Poor thing.  And poor everyone else who had to hear him.  :-)  


Jeff and Julia said...

I love the page. Very cute! I got your comment and feel free to take your time! So fun that you got to go camping, sort of! Oh, I read The Shack - you definitely need to read it if you haven't and Safely Home - another great read by Randy Alcorn.

Anonymous said...

We went camping this weekend too! So much fun! Although I'm sure it is much more work with a little one running around :)

Love, Laura

Kelly H. said...

oooh i covet your camping experience! i bet there are so many cool places out where you are!!! i have been "that tent" with the screaming i can sympathize! good thing he's so darn cute! oxoxoxo

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