Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photo Booth Photo Shoot

So this is what I was doing when I wrote the previous post...one of many reasons why being a mom is so amazing.  I laugh a lot.  

The other day Caleb and I played with the camera on our computer and its program Photo Booth.  For those of you unfamiliar with Macs, it is a program similar to the photo booths you find in the mall...except there are several effects you can apply to your photos.  Here are some shots from our little photo shoot.  We had fun.


He really likes looking at his reflection in the mirror...making funny faces and expressions...sticking his belly out and in...talking to himself.  This was no different. 

This was when he started to get freaked out.  After looking at my face several times to make sure it wasn't really distorted, he started to have fun again. 

I like this kid.  I think we'll keep him. 


kristilynn said...

Mandy! i love your little family!! Caleb is so cute! he seems to be joyful and lots of fun too. you look amazing as well. I am glad to see how much fun you are having being a mommy!!

Anonymous said...

Mandis....you two are adoreable and you are just too creative! and.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!Dad and I are sure thinking about you and wishing we could celebrate with you. You are an amazing woman and you are so loved by us!!Love you! Mom and Dad

billandbeth said...

You are absolutely amazing with all your artistic ability and creativity. I would love to get into digital scrapbooking, thanks for the info. I think Caleb's room is absolutely fantastic! Why not paint some simple airplanes and clouds in the sky? Our 3 year old Ana took your family's magnet picture and hung it on the fridge and surrounded it with all little farm animal magnets.

-Beth McKelvie

Angela said...

He's so adorable, I just can'stand it! :)His mom is too!
Wish you guys would move to Colorado! :)

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