Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Up until last night, I had paid no attention whatsoever to what has been going on over in Beijing.  It became pretty clear, however, that we would probably not see any of our friends for a while if it doesn't involve the Olympics.  So, most of our team came over last night to watch and eat pizza...and what a night to watch! 

Yeah, I am hooked.  How fun was the men's 4 x 100 swim?  WOW!  Seriously,  I can't stop watching this stuff.  

Steph, I see what you're talking about.  Hope you get cable soon!  

Love you all!

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Stephanie and Daneel said...

Aren't they addictive? We had some very nice friends from our small group invite us over to watch them last night and I can see a bunch of stuff on the internet, so I'm surviving :)
How are the Washburns and their new baby Ali?!?

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