Sunday, August 17, 2008

I like him. :-)

Brandon went out of town last weekend for our church men's retreat.  Soon after he left, Caleb and I got in the car to go somewhere, and this is what I saw: 

Isn't he the sweetest?  I am glad he added the "i love you" so that people who see it don't think I put it up for self affirmation.  :-)  I think I will leave it up there for a while.  

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The Cousins- Joe, Angie, Lily, and Indy said...

It's been so fun to hear from you!!
Ok, the little messages that Brandon left for you are just the sweetest thing ever!
And... I just adore the room you did- it is too cute! Magnetic paint- who knew? I can promise you that we will be using that in the future!
And to reply to your comment- I am happy to share our kitchem remodel budget with you- it's $4,200. I think that we are going to splurge and buy a new stove so we will be just a little over. I have it pretty clearly budgeted- so once it's all said and done I would be happy to break it down for you- maybe that would help you get an idea of what it might cost to do yours (although ours is pretty small- less cabinets, counters, etc...). Ok, gotta get back to the remodel!

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