Friday, August 15, 2008

More Indiana

These pictures are for my dad.  He asked for them.   Their house has all sorts of wonderful natural light.  Caleb wasn't very cooperative, however.  

Caleb was fascinated by my dad's treadmill.  

He loved spending time with his grandparents. 

Caleb loved spending time with his Uncle of two.  :-)
We went to a Jimmy Buffett concert.  My brother had tickets, and I love concerts and my family.  I  still am not much of a fan, but I had lots of fun with them. 

This is Chicago through our airplane window.  My little boy was yelling the entire time I took this, and the woman next to me ended up taking him from me to calm him down.  What kind of mom tunes her kid out like that...for a picture?  

There were finger prints all over the window, and I didn't realize it until we had passed the city.  I love that town.  

p.s.  Em and Laura, Caleb and I waved at you down there.  Em, I thought I saw your house.  :-)

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