Sunday, May 4, 2008

Please pray...

After the triathlon, Brandon started feeling a strong pain in his calf. A few days after making an appointment to get it checked out, he almost cancelled it. The pain was feeling a lot better, and it seemed like the visit would end up being a waste of money. He ended up deciding last minute to go...a decision that was definitely led by the Lord.

Brandon has a DVT (deep vein thrombosis). It is a blood clot. The doctor was really surprised at the ultrasound results, and he put him on blood thinners that night. Brandon has been giving himself shots twice daily. He will be taking the pills for at least three months.

We're really, really grateful for the diagnosis. It can be very dangerous if left untreated, and many doctors don't recognize blood clots when they see them in someone as young and active as Brandon.

Please pray for my husband to get better. We have another appointment at the end of the week to see how his blood is clotting...or its thinness level...or something along those lines. It will determine a lot.

We are now trying to determine our summer plans...and we ask you to pray for that as well. We were planning on helping staff the Myrtle Beach summer project on the 27th, but now we don't know if we can anymore. The doctor advised us against the travel...both the 3-4 day road trip we were planning to get out there and the multiple plane trips that would be necessary because Brandon can't be in a car for that long. He also has to get checked out weekly by our doctor.

Writing out all the reasons why Myrtle isn't a good idea seems to make it obvious what we need to do. We would just be so sad not to get to spend the summer with the other amazing staff (and students) who will be there. I was getting really excited to see what God had in store...and much of my family is out there as well.

So, again, please pray for my husband and his well as for guidance for us. God is amazingly great at answering prayer. THANKS!

These are a few random family shots...including Caleb pre- and post-haircut. In the bottom picture, he was giving rides to his koala bear, brown bear, and rabbit on his fire engine. He then took a rest on my lap. I love when he does that.

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