Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you have this yet?????

Helping our friends Steph and Daneel move today, I found out that not everyone knows about this amazing product.  I have had a few favorite cleaning supplies, but this little piece of foam is truly a wonder.  It makes cleaning tubs and showers so much easier, and I know I will use it more and more now that my little man is getting better at drawing on things we don't want him drawing on. 

Just thought I would share.  :-)  Brandon was against me using my blog for advertising, but I think that everyone needs one.  

Have a happy Tuesday!  

p.s.  Steph and Daneel, we already miss you!  And Kyle and Chrissy, we hope to see you guys soon.  :-)

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Jeff, Julia and Maggie said...

Please advertise away. We mom's need to pass on useful products! How are you doing your online scrapbooking? What site are you using? Do you actually print them out and put them in your book?
We're praying for your house hunt and Brandon's clot.

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