Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol: The Toddler Edition

On Tuesday night, Brandon and I watched a little of the American Idol finale.  Caleb was fascinated.  

You see, our little boy is quite the musician...if you want to call it that.  In an earlier post I mentioned his obsession with guitars.  He loves them.  He pretends to strum when he hears music or whenever he sees someone playing.  He has grown more and more attached to his little guitar, and he always has to play for our friends when they come over. 

Lately, we have been blessed more frequently by his singing skills as well.  Just as I am not sure where he first saw someone playing guitar, I have no idea where he learned how to hold a microphone.  But all of the sudden, he has started singing into his fist.  It is really pretty hilarious. 

After a song or two on American Idol, Caleb had the moves down.  As we were putting him to bed, I took the photos below as he sang on his changing table.  He was really getting into it.  I told him that he could even be "the next American Idol."  I don't know if I will tell him, however, that he has just about the worst musical genes in the world.  At least the genes I gave him anyway.  Poor kid.  So, I guess we could see just how far pure practice and hard work can take you.  :-) 

Seriously, how can such a little person make us laugh so hard?


The photos above were taken as we were getting him ready for bed Tuesday night.  The photo below was taken this morning after he woke up.

There is never a dull day in the Pelton household. 


Jeff, Julia and Maggie said...

We are cracking up! I love it. You'll have to see Maggie's "pee-pee" dance! Our girls' got moves.

Emilie said...

That is sooo funny!!! Chris and I just cracked up!!

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