Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Little Ringbearer

Pierce and Holly were married on Saturday.  It was an incredibly beautiful outdoor wedding in Old Mesilla, and Holly was breathtaking.  

Our little boy did surprisingly well as the ring bearer. After falling asleep in Denise's car right before naptime, he never did take a real nap after that.  As a result, we had a very fussy, crying little boy for the two hours before we needed to be there.  We almost had to bail out of the wedding. 

It's always crazy to me how God cares about the things we care about.  After praying, Caleb soon calmed down and was able to participate in the wedding with no problems.  He fulfilled his job requirement and was super cute in his little tuxedo...which someone commented was the smallest tuxedo he had ever seen.  

Pierce and Holly are recent graduates of NMSU and will be joining our team as interns in the fall. 

Congratulations, Pierce and Holly!  WE LOVE YOU!

...and does anyone know how to spell ring bearer?  Is it two words or one?

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Mrs. Utley???? said...

oh my gosh, mandy... he's just the cutest little boy i've ever seen!

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