Saturday, March 15, 2008

Caleb is 18 months!

Caleb turned eighteen months yesterday.  We celebrated this mini milestone with a mini party with our staff team.  I made baseball cookies for Brandon and basketball cookies to celebrate Sunday's Brackets Day (NCAA Selection Sunday)...a national holiday in my family.  As I mentioned before, we gave Caleb a little guitar, and the two have since become inseparable.  Lucas, a friend of ours even taught him how to use a pick!

Taylor, Caleb's best friend, is staying with us this weekend.  The two of them are amazing examples of just how differently God created male and female.  Caleb seems to want to play independently alongside Taylor, but she is constantly hugging him.  Caleb is quiet and focused, and Taylor talks all the time.  Caleb plays with his food, and Taylor takes dainty bites and keeps clean.  They are so much fun together! 


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