Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Much Loved City...and People

It was wonderful to be home again this weekend.  Caleb and I missed Brandon a ton, and I was eager for my dishwasher and our bathtub.  Living out of a hotel for a week definitely isn't ideal...and it often felt like camping in terms of how we were roughing it.  Being in the downtown of a dirty city definitely made me grateful for our relatively clean home and modern-day comforts.  Oh, but I would do it again anytime.

In Guadalajara, I was often surprised by just how much that city feels like home to me.  I grew so much there, and we saw the Lord blow us away time and again with His answers to prayer. Seeing friends was a great encouragement to see how much so many of them have grown as well.  I am so proud of them...and so grateful.

Brandon had a wonderful time in New Orleans.  He loved the people he worked with, and they had some pretty exciting opportunities to help the residents of that poor city.  It is amazing that after so many years there is such great need.  His clothes smelled horribly from the two and a half year old refrigerator mess, and some of them need to be thrown out.  I hope that we can serve in that way together someday.

 As much as we loved our trips, we are so very glad to be home.

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