Wednesday, March 26, 2008

¡Ya llegamos...y casi regresamos!

Ten years ago, if anyone were to tell me that I would grow to love Mexico this much, I would have laughed. But I have come to feel as at home in this country as anywhere else in the world.

Here in our hotel, our little boy is practically a celebrity. Most know him by name, and I constantly hear, "Mira el bebe!" or "Ay...que chulo!"  ("Look at the baby!"  or "Oh, how cute!") He blows kisses to the housekeepers and spends time everyday sweeping around the front desk. I think I love this country even more because they love my son so much. I have definitely found it to be true that the way to a mother´s heart is through her child.

I have had a wonderful time connecting with friends here. I will miss them, but I am grateful I get the opportunity to come back often. The Lord is so good.

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