Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life Documented

I am already loving blogging because it is a lot like scrapbooking...except on the internet. I have a terrible memory, and scrapbooking allows me to put down on paper what I would otherwise forget. Because I am limited in time, I have yet to document so much of what goes on in our life(such as Brandon playing ultimate and Caleb's mad guitar skills). With blogging, I can really quickly and easily put up something on here...complete with the all important visual element - pictures.

I can also post on here some of the pages I have completed already... since most of my family and friends miss out on so many of the daily antics of our little boy (although I think that most of my family has seen the dancing). The page below will be in Caleb's album and the page above is going into an album about what I enjoy most in this world...one of those being my friend Heather.

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Julia said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! I look forward to connecting more wiht you in this strange on-line world!!

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