Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I hope this is the only time I take a photo of a toilet this year.

Earlier in the evening, Caleb was in the bathroom.
He was supposed to be washing his hands.
Instead, he was playing with almost all an entire bottle of hand soap.

The mountain of soap he had made was taller than him.
And, when I discovered the mess he was making,
I was very annoyed.
I yelled and accused him of being "too old for that."

Later...long after the little boy had gone to sleep...
I found this in the bathroom.
The remnants of Caleb's soap bubbles Brandon had discarded in the toilet.

Somehow, the mess that had so annoyed me earlier,
I suddenly found sweet now that he was asleep.

The bubbles became precious, 
and I learned a little lesson.

I want to encourage Caleb to find joy in little things...
and not freak out when he does it in childish ways.
He is, after all, a child.

And so tonight, when he asked if he could sleep on the floor,
I said yes.


Jen said...

Mandy, the hardest thing you will have to do is punish your child for doing something he shouldn't have done but if you don't he will grow up thinking that he can do anything. As much as wish this was true it's not. Also who will care enough to guide him but you? The girls were tough, you know that. AS Emily was crawling over the ice covered roof I prayed in the living room hoping she wouldn't fall. I then locked all the doors. I got so tired of fighting with her but I knew if I didn't no one else would until a cop or someone with the ability to hurt her would. I know Caleb makes your heart melt (as did my girls) but you did the right thing, its called guidance, it's a full time job and it isn't truly rewarding until you see them succeed in life. You are a wonderful Mother. Look at what God has done to those who did not listen. You were right in all you did. Love Ya

julia pelton said...

Love you and love Jens comment. A good word from a seasoned mama. And...I can't believe you we in Chicago. Makes me wish I could've seen you!

Mandy said...

Aunt Jenny, thanks! You are a sweetheart! I know he needed correction, but I also want to give him grace. I want him to be motivated by the kindness and love of his Savior, and I want to reflect that. Trust me, he gets disciplined consistently. Sometimes I feel too much so.

Julia, I would have loved to see you! I was in and out, but I did have a morning I could have seen you guys had you been able to come up. I wish I had realized that beforehand! I miss you!

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