Sunday, February 17, 2013


I didn't want a smartphone.
I told my friends how having internet access on me at all times wouldn't be a good thing.

Then the monthly costs got lower.
They were the same as what I was paying for a basic phone...
after beginning a plan with friends back home.
(Brandon had jumped in on an open spot with his siblings about a year ago).

So, now I am connected to the internet whenever I want to be.

In many ways, it has been really helpful.
I am much easier to get a hold of,
and I am better at keeping up with my email.
I also love love love several apps...
which I will share about someday.

In other ways, it has been detrimental.
I get distracted when I go to check the time
and end up reading the news.
Or, I go to send a text message
and end up on Facebook.

Because I use my phone as an alarm clock,
I often end up googling something
I think of while lying in bed at night.

Often, I don't remember what I got my phone out for in the first place.

I need to make some changes.
Hopefully, posting this confession helps push me along in that direction.

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Ashley said...

Hey Mandy! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was nice to "meet" you...I followed your entire journey ( like every single day) with little Jude and was praying for your family so much. (I was an AX at bama with Julia....and I actually emailed her several times during it checking in on y'all if you hadn't updated..ha...told you I was a stalker!)
I can't imagine how hard it was for you to blog about y'alls journey but I'm so thankful you did.
And just the other day (before your comment on my blog) I checked your blog and realized you had been doing the picture updates and as I read them I was so encouraged seeing the little bits and pieces of your day and seeing the Lord's hand on even the very ordinary things of life. Christ is so very evident in your family and I have know doubt He is using y'all to make an impact on so many people.
Looking forward to more pics! (and maybe one day I'll start blogging again!)

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