Saturday, February 2, 2013

33/365...and manatees

We spent our Saturday at Blue Springs State Park...
the winter home of hundreds of manatees.

A baby manatee had been born the night before,
and the little guy and his family rested right under the observation deck for a little bit. 


Kellie said...

This is so awesome!
The wildlife in our immediate vicinity is made up of a stray dog, a dead skunk, and a family of surly squirrels. Not nearly as fun to introduce Evelyn to.

Mandy said...

Hahaha! I laughed so hard when I read that, Kel! I am guessing you're not lacking for much in the Springs. Maybe not manatees, but I would settle for mountain wildlife. :-)

Jen said...

What an unbelievable picture. Thank you. You have such an eye for beauty.

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