Friday, July 1, 2011

More Happy News

Yesterday, we were in Albuquerque briefly for a few doctor's appointments.  Again, we felt encouraged by what we heard from the doctors.

Another biophysical profile was given an 8 out of 8.  The doctor is particularly pleased about the average amount of amniotic fluid...which again indicates that he isn't necessarily going to come early.

Two of the doctors did confirm, however, that we are going to be in ABQ for almost the entire month of August...and every two weeks until then.  That was good to know.  Please pray for our housing situation.

His heartbeat sounds and looks strong, and the doctor said that it looks like it is pumping blood well.

We are now in Amarillo on our way to Kansas for a wedding reception.  We're looking forward to seeing family and friends.

Have a great weekend!!

p.s.  This is a photo I took yesterday in the OB's office.  I am linking it to something I hope to start doing weekly:  Embrace the Camera.  The idea is to get behind the lens with your kids.  I figured this counted...even if you can't technically see the cute little guy.  :-)  Click on the photo below for more info. 


tasha said...

look at your cute belly! you look great and i'm so glad to hear the good news. way to go little man! ;)

-Jenni said...

Great picture! Praying for you and your growing family.

Holly said...

YOU are beautiful! I'm sooo glad to hear of the good news.

Katie said...

You look so cute!

Let us know if we can do anything to help while you are in ABQ

emily anderson said...

this totally counts! glad to have you join us :)

--emily anderson

Havis said...

Mandy! I found you via a comment you left on my blog. I'm really excited for you and your husband and son and future son. Having a kid with DS is truly the greatest blessing of my life. I feel so humbled that God chose us (my husband and I) to parent a child with DS. It's a rare and beautiful gift. I love that you have such a great support system too!
My sweet girl had some serious health issues at birth. We adopted her, but she did go full term. She was born with a heart defect and a pretty awful lung disease. At 8 weeks old she had her first heart surgery (she was not ours yet so we were not involved in this) and a month after coming home, when she was 5 months old, she had open heart surgery. And now, at three, we don't even see a cardiologist b/c her heart is good as new! All that to say, heart defects sound so scary, but it was a piece of cake! (Ok, there were some tears and a bit of stress involved.) Your future son is a gift from God and I just know all will be well. Looking forward to hearing updates.

Danyelle said...

Great picture!

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