Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Cozumel Vacation

Our time in Mexico was so good...
and so very much needed.

We thoroughly enjoyed the days spent by the sea.
We snorkeled every day...
observing french angel fish, yellow sting rays, spotted eels, cowfish,
black sea urchins, sea anemones, jellyfish, and countless other underwater creatures.
We read. We slept. We rested.
Because we loved our condo's location so very much,
we didn't leave it often during the day.

A few times, we left and had some fun experiences.
I swam with dolphins...which I was obsessed with as a child.
We got off the island to explore the Mayan ruins of Tulum,
enjoying memorable experiences on the Mexican transportation system.
We later rented a scooter and explored Cozumel's beaches.

We explored Mexico at night.
We ate tacos al pastor, pozole, and churros.
We had fajitas, fish tacos, pizza, and pasta.
We drank limonadas and rusas.
We watched Mexican soccer and listened to Mexican music.
We even watched a little of a Mexican wedding.
We were even able to speak so much Spanish
that I began to start thinking in that beloved language again.
We LOVE that country...and the people in it.

I was too busy playing during the day to get my camera out much.
When I did get it out, it fogged up due to the humidity.
But, I did play with some nighttime long-exposure photography that mostly failed.
But, it was a learning experience. 

Brandon decided to shave his facial hair for the week...
partly because it was better for suction on his snorkeling mask
and partly because he wouldn't be seeing anyone for a while.
It is almost grown back.


This vacation was so very good for our marriage.
We had so much fun together,
and we will forever thank God for this unbelievable gift!


Andrea Bullok said...

Pictures look great! So glad your vacation was so refreshing!

denise riggs said...

Oh my gossssssshhhhhhhhhhhh! It looks freakin beautiful! And I didn't even realize I've never seen Brandon without facial hair! I'm so happy y'all had such a great time! We miss you guys! Love you!

Kellie said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away for a little while! It looks amazing!

Holly said...

Thanks for posting so many pretty pictures! It looks sooooo wonderful. I am so glad you guys were able to go for so long, and to Mexico where so much of your heart is! Love to you both from the Hoppe fam!

tasha said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

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