Saturday, June 2, 2012

Almost there...

We are at the half way point of a two-day drive.

Day 1 involved:
our usual start-of-the-trip tension,
horrific thunderstorms,
a "check engine" light scare,
a sweet visit with a loved friend and her family,
lots of nuts and Legos spilled all over the car,
spectacular sunsets,
singing worship songs in the dark,
and a very sleepy little guy giving his daddy a kiss on his head
as he carried him into our hotel room.

Day 2 will hopefully involve:
lots more time spent with two people I love so much,
checking out parts of Route 66 I have never seen,
lots of hugs when we see family,
and even meeting this precious little one
for the very first time.

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amyfaith said...

:) love & prayers from colorado!

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