Monday, June 4, 2012

More adventures...

Our car stopped working when we were twenty miles from our destination.
Not long after, we realized that there was something strange about the fact
that we had to look at receipts to remember when we had lost gotten gas.
So, a newly broken gas gauge added just one more point of interest to a very eventful trip.

       In just a few short days, Brandon and I will be in the Caribbean.      


Until then, we are loving being with family.


amyfaith said...

love the "every picture tells a story" story,safe travels and love & prayers from colorado ♥

Jen said...

My first car had the same problem and I found out the same way you did. Kristen's is like that too and she just keeps an eye on her odometer. She hasn't ran out yet...knock knock on wood. Any chance you will come by way of Muncie??

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