Sunday, June 10, 2012

Help the Ronald McDonald House!

 Our life with Jude in Albuquerque last fall would have been significantly
more challenging without the Ronald McDonald House,
and we will forever thank God for that place.
While there, we were so grateful to have our car to allow us to travel
back and forth from the hospital whenever we wanted.
We didn't have to plan our visits around shuttle times.
Many families don't have that luxury. 
Some parents have to leave their cars back at home with the rest of the family.
Others had to fly to the hospital with their child in an emergency situation.
We would often see people waiting outside the house for the shuttle,
and sometimes we had the opportunity to give rides.

The RMH has the opportunity to win a car to help shuttle families!
Please take a minute and vote for them today.
And, would you please consider sharing the website on Facebook as well?

 From Melissa, the director at the Ronald McDonald House in Albuquerque:

The Ronald McDonald House has an opportunity to win
a new Sienna Toyota this Sunday in the 100 Cars for Good Contest!
We are going up against four other charities (all from out of state),
the charity with the most votes on Sunday on Facebook wins a car.
Please vote on Sunday at
and share with your friends, family, co-workers or post on your Facebook.
A new vehicle would allow us to ensure that families are where they are needed most:
at their child’s bedside in the hospital.

Thanks for your help!

From Kristen, the director of the Ronald McDonald House in Albuquerque:

 Everyone at Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico is thrilled
to have been selected as a finalist for the 2012 100 Cars for Good program.
We’re grateful for this incredible opportunity to showcase our mission
of providing a home away from home for families whose children are in medical treatment
and hopefully win a car to help us increase our impact in New Mexico.
We hope everyone will help us spread the word now and
will make time to visit on Sunday, June 10 to vote for us. 
A new vehicle would really be a game changer for our program,
allowing us to ensure that families are where they are needed most:
at their child’s bedside in the hospital.

Click here to vote!

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Julie Wolfe said...

Hey Guys!

Just heard the news about you moving via Terry King. Wanted to wish you the best and I'll keep up with you via e-mail. Love you all so very much!
In His Steps'

Julie Wolfe

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