Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend to Remember

In case you didn't notice all the hearts everywhere, Valentine's Day is coming up.
For us, our (almost) annual tradition for this particular holiday is attending the Weekend to Remember conference.  With wonderful speakers, great discussion, a date night, and intentional activities for spouses to work on together, it has been a wonderful investment for our marriage.  Each year, we have plenty of issues to work through, and we leave with our marriage much stronger as a result.  It is such a great investment...and a lot of fun!

This year, we are considering attending a retreat that focuses on grieving the loss of a child.  So, we will not be attending the Weekend to Remember this year.  But, I think you should.  :-)

If you're engaged, the communication that happens at this event will lay a great foundation for a great marriage.  If you're newly married, it is a wonderful way to invest all that wedding money you received as gifts.  If you've been married for a long time, it is a great way to spend some time intentionally focusing on your marriage and working through the issues that all marriages face.  If you have remarried, the Weekend to Remember has assignments specific to your needs as well.
Again...I can't recommend it enough.  Think about it.  :-)
And if you're in New Mexico, the conference is up in Bernalillo this weekend.

You can download the flyer for Weekend to Remember here.
If you'd like to watch a promotional video, click here.
I also wrote about the conference a few years ago here
I have heard good things about The Art of Marriage event as well, put together by Family Life and hosted at churches.


Jen said...

Mandy, Please do your old Aunt a favor and add Jason Gray's song "Remind me who I am" to your list of songs. I play your songs at work through my computer and I really need his song on some days. Love Ya. Aunt Jen

Mandy said...

I'm sorry, Aunt Jenny. I can't because I am limited by the options that Playlist has. There are so many songs I would be playing were it not for the limitations. I just made you a Pandora station that has that song as well as several of the songs on my blog. They play similar songs...and those songs you choose as well. I hope you enjoy it. I emailed it to you. I LOVE YOU!

Kellie said...

Do you know if they offer childcare? I think it would be great for Kevin and me, but I highly doubt I can give Evelyn to my parents for the entire weekend.

amyfaith said...

Hope and praying you and Brandon find whatever you need to help you on your path to peace. love & prayers continue from colorado.

Mandy said...

Thanks, Amy! And Kel, if you didn't get my message...they don't. They want it to be a great weekend away from family responsibilities...so you can focus on each other. :-)

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