Sunday, February 5, 2012

Angry Birds: Caleb's Version

Like most of the nation, Caleb loves Angry Birds.
He first played it on his trip to Illinois with my brother and sister-in-law.
Now, when he sees someone with an iPhone, he often asks to play.

 I read once that creativity happens when resources are lacking.
And, we happen to lack the resources to play this particular game.
We don't have an iPhone...or an iPad...or anything else that might allow us to play it.
So, this little boy got creative and decided to make his own version
using alphabet blocks, cardboard bricks, a skateboard for a catapult,
and lego guys instead of angry birds.

He launches the blocks with the skateboard and tries to knock down the lego guys.
I love this kid.


Anonymous said...

How awesome! I remember making Barbie houses with boxes. We used Kleenex boxes to make furniture and mixing bowls for swimming pools. Those were the best memories. Ones that we made!!!! Love, Carol Cross

tasha said...

i love, love, love this. i loved when asher creates and invents in this same way, as well. sometimes, what they come up with is even better than the "lack," huh?

Kellie said...

That's awesome! He's so creative!

Anonymous said...

His Indiana cousin Aidan shares his affinity for these crazy birds - and, alas, parents who don't have phones with games! (But his aunts do!) The best I will do is the 30 piece puzzle of the Birds I got him for C'mas - there you go. "Play" Angry Birds!

So just last week he sat down to color and made about 100 tiny green things in a small space - he said they were the green pigs from Angry Birds.

As much as I hate video games, I LOVE that these boys played them and then used their own minds to create new things! Boys with creative brains are a true blessing!

Amy H.

Anonymous said...

awesome on creativity.

fyi, android phones can play angry birds also. and you can play on your computer too.

~elizabeth h.

amyfaith said...

agreeing with tasha, kingston makes it work too :') he has enjoyed seeing caleb's brain at & prayers continue from colorado

Mandy said...

Yes! The creative things they make are so much better than the real thing. But, Elizabeth...that link has led to an addiction. I am a hypocrite now. I don't let him play much, but I played without much self control...until I beat the free version. :-) And, now I know that the lego guys are substitutes not for the birds but for those little green pigs. The block = the angry birds. Now I know.

Love you all! :-)

Kelly H. said...

i love your kid! how great is this??!

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