Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Indiana

Christmas at my parents' house was wonderful. All of my family was together, and we had such a great time spending time with everyone. Caleb especially loved "Mamaw's house." He was often the center of attention due to his being the only grandson/nephew. His vocabulary exploded with essential new phrases such as "Go Boyers!" and "Go Coats!" ** And, he received more presents than I can describe. My parents are amazing. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

He loved building towers with his new alphabet blocks with "Gam-pa..."

...and loved destroying them even more.

He received a set of golf clubs from Uncle Patrick and Aunt Hannah and did the only thing he knew to do with them...use them as microphones. :-)

But then he got a new guitar with real strings!

And of course he had to have a few jam sessions!

And the boys did what they do every Christmas...gamble away their Christmas money. :-) Well, not really. They do what they call "Cross betting." They never really call up the debts. They're so cute.

** Translation: "Go Boilers (Purdue)" and "Co Colts"


kristilynn said...

Mandy! your family is so cute! Christmas looked like a great time and i bet Caleb loves his guitar! My mom got a guitar like that for Elijah (my nephew). he's super excited...but he also told santa he wanted to be a mermaid (he has a thing for fish tails and wants one) and was a bit disappointed when that didn't happen!

Sarah said...

Those pictures are priceless!

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