Saturday, January 10, 2009

Word Frames

I made a couple word frames as Christmas gifts this year, and they were SO FUN to make. I am putting a picture up for two reasons: 1) My good friend Heather asked me to, and 2) I want to say thanks to the people who gave me the pictures. I didn't take the pictures...just played with them in Photoshop and put them in Target frames. I got them off an amazing blog full of wonderful people who contributed them for people like me who didn't have time to go out and find all the letters I needed.

I just have a picture of one of them...the one I made for Mike and Melissa. The other is "Cross," Patrick and Hannah's last name. I might post that one too if I get a picture of it.

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who shared your skills with us. :-)


Kellie said...

What blog did you find all the letter photos on?

Sarah said...

This is such a great idea! I think I know what many people are getting for Christmas next year!

kristilynn said...

oh! i started to do that last year, for Christmas! but i got distracted and didn't have time to find all the letters! it's fun and looks neat!!


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