Thursday, May 24, 2012



 Well, I didn't mean to take such a long blog break...
but I guess we have been a little busy.

We are moving.
 Packing our stuff.  Selling our house.  Moving cross country.

When Jude was born last August,
the significance of his medical needs changed the way we viewed the future.
With the reality that we would have a child who was medically fragile,
we began to consider the eventual possibility of moving to a place where he could get better care.
Our lives and our future were surrendered to the Lord.

So after October,
the life we thought would look one way was now no longer going to look that way.
Broken and surrendered, we began to pray about our future. 
 Through some conversations with our bosses, conversations with our friends and family, and much prayer, the Lord made clear to us that He was leading us in a new direction.

We are temporarily moving to Orlando, Florida.
Brandon will work and serve at Cru's national office for a year.

During this year, we plan to seek the Lord as to what's next.
We also plan on resting and healing.

We're so thankful for this timely opportunity,
and we are so thankful for the Lord's clear guidance in our lives.

And, as far as my blog break goes,
I have much to catch up on...
including how awesome our friends have been as we prepare to leave.

Stay tuned...


amyfaith said...

Wow and then some. Thankful the Lord is literally closing boxes & opening doors for you. Prayers continue with buckets of peace thrown in as you move forward ♥ amy in colorado

missy said...

i am really excited for you guys. i think lh stint is going to be a great place for your family. and i'm excited since we will be in orlando too!!! love you guys.

Luana said...

Hi Mandy! I can't believe you all are leaving... After I left staff, I left a family that I learned alot about myself and my relationship with the Lord. Brandon and you were a huge part of my growth during my staff days. I know I still have that CRU family, but when you are not involved physically it's not the same. There are no words to explain the impact you all have had and have on me and mikey. I am sad you all are leaving and feel bad that we haven't spent much time at all with you guys. You guys truly have left a legacy not only at NMSU but here in the Southwest. We will miss you guys so much!! We love you! The Morse Family

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