Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am really grateful for this man
...who makes us laugh all day long.
...who is in every way sooo good for me.
...who loves the Lord and leads our family well.
....who is an incredible father to our little boy(s).
...who is a man of wisdom and integrity and character.
...whom God uses to help me become the woman He wants me to be.
...whose crazy personality is so clearly reflected in his son.
...whom I am so blessed to get to journey beside.

I am really grateful for this man
...who is a great father-in-law.
...who welcomed me into his family with no expectations.
...who is a hard worker and instilled that value into my family.
...whose life gave life to my husband and, in turn, to my babies.


I am really grateful for this man
...who gave me life.
...whom I miss very much.
...who is brilliant and hilarious.
...whose love of the beauty of the outdoors he passed along to me.
...who always worked so hard and so well to provide for our family.
...whose unconditional love for me made it easier for me to receive God's.

Happy Father's Day

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liz said...

Mandy- the blog looks AMAZING! Love this video. Yes I can understand why it was awesome to receive this from Sarah. Love you guys and miss you so much!

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