Monday, June 13, 2011


We had planned on spending the summer in Vail, Colorado on a summer project.  All the plans we had made, however, changed instantly in the perinatologist's office a few weeks ago.  So, now we're home with good access to consistent medical care.

Summer at home brings with it unexpected challenges and opportunities.  Caleb is no longer in school, so I am playing with the idea of coming up with some weekly themes for us to explore...bugs, space, etc.  With summer, he gets a lot more time with his dad...which has been wonderful.  They have spent hours playing with water in his new little pool.  Another special thing they do together is watch the TV show Wipeout on the computer every Saturday.  I am not a fan, so it is definitely a Daddy/Caleb thing.  Yesterday, he put together the costume in the pics below...his "Wipeout superhero costume."

And so we have this short little season together as a family of three before things change drastically in the fall with the coming of a new little person.  I am so grateful to have this time to nest, to learn, and to seek God.  I sometimes get nervous about the unknown and unforeseen challenges of the fall...with a new baby and medical issues and ministry in full swing.  But, as He keeps reminding me, I need "not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself (Matt 6:34)."

In the meantime, C and I are both signed up for some reading programs.  B and I are working on some Scripture memorization together.  And, I am hoping to get some camping in. Hopefully we can sprinkle some extra activities throughout the summer such as learning to sew and the awesome ideas from this blog post.  Check them out if you have kids.  Happy Summer!


Jo Jo said...

Caleb is so cute!

tasha said...

those pictures are great! so much fun. wish you all lived closer so we could do stuff!

Holly said...

Wow. I love that picture on the left of B and C... it makes me laugh out loud! And thanks for posting that link to the blog for summertime fun! I will have to try some of them out. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your summer, friend. :)

Julia said...

so much fun!! I'm so thankful for the encouraging news from all the doctors. Thanks for all the details. I want them all! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. So thankful for open hands from that baby boy!!!

I'm going to check out the 100 summertime fun links, too! Thanks.

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