Sunday, November 8, 2009

White Sands Balloon Fiesta

We love our hot air balloons down here!  A while back, Caleb and I braved the ridiculously early morning and headed out to White Sands National Monument.   We both thoroughly enjoyed all the colors floating over the endless white, especially when the sun decided to make an appearance.  What a beautiful place we call home...and what a wonderful God to create such wonders!

During the fiesta, it wasn't too long before Caleb was distracted with driving a little Matchbox car in the gypsum sand.  Unfortunately, the small toy got buried and lost forever.  The dunes are always shifting, so I don't think it will turn up anytime soon.  So much for "leave no trace."

Katie Pertiet Frames


Cheryl said...

Hey, the sands really ARE white! I never saw pictures of the area before. Must be beautiful with all the balloons taking off.

Also, thanks for your links to the fight for fuielle (sp?). I am following his blog entries now, and praying for them. God can do miracles, and does every day!

(Mother of a former Crusade staffer, and blog lurker.) :-)

Debra said...

Wow, the sand is so white it looks like snow! That is really cool! Love the pictures....what a fun time and love the colorful balloons! Thanks for sharing. :)

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