Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This makes me happy...

The following little dialogue (written in Caleb's own language) took place just now as Brandon and Caleb were working on building a fire.  Caleb doesn't like being in the backyard by himself these days because he is afraid of the neighbor's cat.  So, Brandon had brought a load of firewood inside and left Caleb for a moment.  The little man followed soon after with a sad look on his face.  

Caleb:  "Daddy, you keep not staying with me."
Daddy:  "Oh, did I come inside without telling you?"
Caleb:  "Yeah, you walkeded away from me.  You got away from my love."
Daddy (smiling):  "I did, did I?"
Caleb:  "Yeah, I love you."
(and as they were on their way back outside...)
Caleb:   "You're my best friend." 

Caleb and I have this ongoing thing when I am affectionate to him and he wants to be playful.  He turns to me grinning and says, "I get away from your love." And, I say something like, "You can't get away from my love."  And then it goes on from there...something like The Runaway Bunny story by Margaret Wise Brown.  Until now, Daddy hasn't really been a part of it...so we both thought this was pretty funny....and random.

I really like these two.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome! :)
-elizabeth (oc'99)

Debra said...

Mandy, this is so sweet! I love this post....thanks for sharing the dialogue with us. That is a beautiful portrait of father and son too!

As for the portrait class....I am kind of glad that I didn't take it right away for the same reasons that you stated in your comment on my blog. I really wanted to take it, but at the same time I felt like I needed a break. Right now I'm just practicing what I learned in the Oh Shoot class and after Thanksgiving I think I'm going to do some more playing around with photoshop, so I can get a little more familiar with it.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your precious family! :)

Angie Cousins said...

This is absolutly adorable!

Rachel said...

Hey Mandy!!! I'm glad you stopped by my blog! I always forget y'all have one. I need to bookmark it. I love your photography and stories as well! As far as the little side business...this year I have just kept my income right at or below the allowable cash gifts amount that we can receive. Or sometimes I ask people to just pay me with a gift card or we have traded "services". Ha!!! Next year, I am pursuing an official exemption (I think it might be kind of complicated) to be able to get more than that or I will just start having clients make their checks to CCC. There are several people in our region who do stuff like this. I never knew either so I just decided to take the plunge!

Rachel said...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving:)

missy said...

this is precious. what a dear boy you have! can you tell i'm getting caught up on your blog. i guess it wasn't in my google reader. but it is now. so now i get to see your fabulous photos and read your heart as often as you post! can't wait to see you at dcc!

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