Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Hey babe!"

So, if I counted how many times those two words are shouted in our home, either by Brandon or me, it would be a surprisingly large number.  "Babe" is just what we call each other, and "Hey" is the word we use to get the other's attention.  What is the even more surprising number, however, is the amount of times we hear "Hey babe!" yelled from the mouth of our little boy.

Caleb, I think, has determined that it must be my name.  So, when calling "Mommy" doesn't work, he soon resorts to "Hey babe!"  I haven't yet stopped laughing enough to correct him.  If only you could hear how funny it is with his little voice.  It's just one of many things he does that entertain us.


Luana said...

hahaha! i can just picture him saying that! You guys do say "hey baby" alot!! this is soo funny!!

Denise said...

LOL!!!! I can't stop laughing at this!! It is too funny!! and the picture next to it makes it so much better!!! I love it!!

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