Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mexico City: In Summary

I realized a little bit ago that because I have been so random about blogging, I never posted anything about D.F. (Distrito Federal, or Mexico City). We really had a great time. After moving it from May to August due to the swine flu shutdown of the city, we had to shorten our trip to one week....and what a packed week it was!

We spent two days of the week at an orphanage. The kids were wonderful and so eager for attention and love. I so wanted to take a few home. We spent another day with street kids (one of them only two months old)...hanging out with them in their homes: under a bridge, in some drainage pipes, and in a fountain. It was difficult to see them live such lives. The home we were partnering with is a great place that provides education, shelter, food and teaches them about Jesus.

We also got to spend time with the terminally ill in a home where they had been abandoned by their families. Some were paralyzed, others had HIV, and another had been left in a trash can as an infant and was severely handicapped as a result. We really enjoyed hearing their stories, reading to them, and even crocheting with them. It was a highlight for several of us.

At a home for teen moms, many of whom had been abused on the street and became pregnant as a result, Angie and I gave them pedicures while the guys tried to build a swing set for the kids. I ended up getting the opportunity to take some photos of the kids for their moms. Mexican kids are so photogenic. Their beautiful dark brown eyes sparkle so much!

We had a wonderful time and of course were blessed so much more than they were. I am so grateful to God for the opportunities He gives us to see how great the need is in the world. I want to learn to be more sensitive to His voice so that He might meet more of those needs through me.

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I'm in tears. Thanks for doing what you do.

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