Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It was a new kind of New Year's Eve for us.
Spent with family instead of a conference.
The kids made it up til midnight.
We celebrated with Wii bowling, ginger ale punch, and confetti strewn on freshly fallen snow.
So. Much. Fun.

**This is the first of my Project 365.
One photo.  Every day.  For a year.


natalie said...

I'm excited about your photo a day! Have you done it before? It gets hard for me in the spring (This is my 3rd time trying). I decided to do a "week in review" this year instead of forcing a picture every day. I almost always have 7 pictures for the week. I started following your blog when Jude was born. Julia and I are friends. Actually, Julia and a good friend of mine are friends and we met through her several years ago. I pray for your sweet family! :)

Mandy said...

Natalie, thank you so much! Thank you for caring about us and reading my blog. :-) It means so much to me when people we have never met love us like that.

I tried last year, but I made it about eight or nine days in. This year, I have my first smartphone, and it tells me in three different ways to remember to take a photo. Last year, I forgot and gave up. I also ended up walking into a depression missing my baby. So, I wasn't getting much accomplished at the time. I thought I would try again and see how it goes. It's much more fun this time...but we'll see.

I think the week in review is such a great idea! Do you know how you are going to share it? I am trying to figure that out still.

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