Friday, January 25, 2013


His bike was waiting by the tree on Christmas morning.
A gift from Grandma and Grandpa.
I had the camera ready to record the moment...
but his response was anticlimactic.
He looked at it briefly and then got really excited about the candy in his stocking.

It turns out he was afraid.
The lack of training wheels, he told us later, scared him.

So, on the first beautiful day we could carve out some time,
Brandon and I set out to teach him.
As I was fiddling with my camera and Brandon turned aside to talk to someone,
Caleb got on his bike and took off...when our backs were turned.

Shortly after, with Brandon running alongside him and me just behind, 
Caleb was making laps around our apartment complex.
A milestone accomplished!

*Again, not sure which photo to pick.*


tasha said...

love these, mandy. i've missed your blog. loving the photos you have posted. you are so talented and they are so full of emotion and heart.

Mandy said...

Thanks, Tasha! I have missed connecting with you in our blogs!! :-) You are such a blessing and encouragement to me!

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