Friday, November 30, 2012

December Traditions

Though short sleeves and flip flops make it more difficult, we've been getting into the Christmas spirit down here.

In August, we showed up at our furnished Florida apartment with only the stuff that would fit into our cars.  Our boxes of Christmas decorations are still safe and securely stored away in storage in New Mexico.  I did, however, manage to make room for our twenty five Christmas books and the little set of Jesse Tree ornaments I made last year.

You can read a little more about both traditions in my other posts herehere, and here.

I love this season.

This year's new addition

If you're looking for ways to keep your Christmas
centered on Christ this year,
I love this book...
am intrigued by this...
and am looking forward to checking out this.


Sarah Mulis said...

I really love the 25 book idea. I read your post last year, but I appreciate it more this year. I am so glad that you guys can keep that tradition up and running. I hope December 1st will bring the Christmas spirit (even if it is still hot and humid outside) and I hope remembering Jesus' birth draws you all closer together. Love you.

Naomi said...

So Glad we packed the books even tho we questioned a few of them. :) Missing you this season friend <3

The Luh's said...

we are on year #2 of Truth in the Tinsel and my girls LOVE it!!!!

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