Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Song of the Flowers

Even though people had forgotten, the birds and the flowers hadn't forgotten - 
they still knew their song.
It was the song all of God's creation had sung to him from the very beginning.
It was the song people's hearts were made to sing:
"God made us.  He loves us.  He is very pleased with us."

It was why Jesus had come into the world: 
to sing them that wonderful song; 
to sing it not only with his voice, but with his whole life -
so that God's children could remember it and join in and sing it, too.

From The Jesus Storybook Bible
p. 235


amyfaith said...

beautiful post mandy. i will be getting that bible for miss anna. love & prayers continue from colorado.♥

Jen said...

Thanks for fixing your Soundtrack. Love it. Let me know when your package arrives. Love you guys. Aunt Jenny

SarahWhitney said...

What kind of flowers are those?

Mandy said...

Sarah, it is a flowering quince...maybe? It is a bush of our neighbor's across the street. :-)

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