Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tonight, Caleb developed a cough...just at the end of another round of antibiotics. It has been a seemingly unending season of sickness after sickness in our home, and the swine flu scare doesn't help. When I became a mom, I began to struggle with fears I had never dealt with before.

I have come to believe that the news is designed to scare us and cause us to think that the world is falling down around us. But the fact is, we live in a world that is very marred by disease and death and crime and war. Yes, there are incredibly beautiful things about this my family, tonight's sunset, friends, the Organ Mountains, etc. But, I felt like God reminded me tonight that all the wonder and beauty of this world is a mere taste of the world to come. Earth compares not at all to the splendor of Heaven. He has promised us that "in this world we will have trouble." But we can "take heart, for He has overcome the world."

"I sought the Lord, and He answered me;
He delivered me from all my fears."
Psalm 34:4


Ben Davy said...

Well said, Mandy. It seems we are able to mask those realities here because of our wealth, entertainment, medicine. We still face them and they are still there, but not ever-present reality like most of the world faces on a daily basis.

And then there are seasons that remind us the fallenness of the world (Crystal's mom has been going through a season of complex cancer/health problems)and it's a smelling salt to us. Then it seems like we either tend to be gripped by anxiety and fear or try to keep insulating ourselves from it.

I think what you said about reckoning with a world marred by death and sin, and yet holding to the hope of our great Hero coming to make all things right is exactly the tension we need to try and be in. Our hearts tell us, "this is NOT the way it is supposed to be! This is not what we were created for." We know deep down. And so we must hold onto the hope that He has overcome and will set things right in this fallen world (I think that's why I'll never stop reading novels. They remind me of a deeper story of redemption).

Good words.

Kelly H. said...

good to read, my dear.

and glad to hear that you're inspired to grow pumpkins! can't wait to hear/see!

we have to grow ours at my in-laws' this year...our new yard doesn't have a good spot. :(

love you, friend!

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