Monday, April 27, 2009

In Limbo...

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few days, you are probably aware of the swine flu pandemic. We are scheduled to fly to Mexico City on May 12th. Obviously, with the recent events in that city, our plans are now up in the air. Parents of students going with us are understandably concerned, and we are now watching the news regularly. Please pray for us as we make some important decisions in the coming days. We need to decide whether to cancel the trip entirely, relocate the trip, or postpone it.

We are really bummed about it. The group that we have going is such a great group, and I was so looking forward to getting to know the students better. Angie, Brandon's amazing cousin, works with prostitutes and street kids in Mexico City...and our plan was to work alongside her for two weeks. Please pray for her as she serves the Lord in a country of people who must be asking some serious life questions right now.

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kimberly said...

aw, i'm sorry to hear this. i know how you feel - for years every time my parents would settle on a destination for an outreach, some disaster would happen there: sars, riots, assassinations, earthquakes and floods...but God always came through! they never had to cancel an outreach. i'll be praying that He gives you all wisdom.

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