Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This man...

36 things on his 36th birthday

  1. is my best friend.
  2. points me to Jesus.
  3. is the reason behind the vast majority of giggles in our home.
  4. charms me with his beautiful smile.
  5. is a wonderful, fantastic, amazing dad.
  6. amazes me as he trains for a half marathon.
  7. works hard...sometimes too much so.
  8. gets me sucked into silly tv shows such as Storage Wars and American Pickers.
  9. is a man of character and integrity.
  10. is gracious when I leave wet laundry sitting in the washer until it starts smelling.
  11. likes grande decaf mochas extra hot extra whip in a venti cup.
  12. is really intentional about taking care of our cars.
  13. has wisdom that blesses, surprises, and encourages me daily.
  14. reads more than anyone I know.
  15. is a really good driver...but scared me with his aggressive driving in Mexico.
  16. understands me sometimes more than I understand myself.
  17. is intentional in our marriage...often initiating marriage conferences and date nights.
  18. has worked so hard on our house over the years...and learned all sorts of new skills.
  19. is growing in flexibility when we travel.  :-)
  20. is resourceful.
  21. has helped me grow in more ways than I could ever relate.
  22. is a thinker...though for our first months of marriage I thought he was staring into space.
  23. is really fun to watch basketball with.
  24. has taught me so much about financial responsibility.
  25. pushes his son on his swing.
  26. speaks truth to me when I need it.
  27. is trustworthy.
  28. accepts me as I am.
  29. has a wonderful sense of humor that is currently developing in his son. 
  30. likes life quiet.
  31. still opens the car door for me when we go on dates.
  32. trusts God with our family and our future...and helps me grow in trust as well.
  33. loves to play with fire.
  34. doesn't second guess his decisions...which is so good for me and my indecisiveness.
  35. is such a wonderful gift from God to me, Caleb, and so many others.
  36. turned 36 years old today, and I am thankful for every single one of them.
Happy Birthday, Babe!
We love you!


amyfaith said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! Love & prayers continue from colorado.

Ana said...

wowww Mandy .. que bendicion es para tu vida y tu vida para la de Brandon.. de verdad que son una bendicion en nuestras vidas.. no importa el tiempo ni la distancia. GRACIAS GRACIAS A DIOS POR TU FAMILIA Y POR LA MARAVILLA DE CONOCERLOS ¡¡

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Praying for you all and your work at the college.


tasha said...

this so precious. happy birthday to brandon!!

Carol Cross said...

Hahaha! Your Uncle Jeff and I watch Storage wars every night! I am thankful you have each other!!!!

Phil and Liz said...

Love the 36 things you named Mandy! They are all so true! Miss celebrating with you guys...hug him once more from us tonight! Love you guys.

Mandy said...

Thanks, friends! I like him. :-)

Jen said...

I am so sorry I missed your birthday Brandon. Happy Belated Birthday! You two are a shinning example of what a marriage should be whether that is due to your faith or just because you are who you are. I love you both and give each other a hug from me:-)

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