Friday, August 21, 2009

Intermittent Exotropia

Caleb was diagnosed in July with this. We had been noticing it for a while and made an appointment with an ophthalmologist when it got worse. (Have you ever realized how hard that word is to spell?) It means that his eyes don't focus in the same direction at times. It happens only at certain times (hence "intermittent") and they move slightly outward (hence "EXOtropia"). It is pretty minimal, and no one has ever noticed it besides us and Dr. Simmons.

He has worn a patch everyday since July 8th, and will continue until September 15th. His eyes are improving, but he might have to have surgery to fix it. Please pray that the patches are sufficient.

I wore the patch with him the first he got used to it. As you can tell, we didn't get out much that day. :0) Caleb did so well, and he never tried to take the patches off. We finally found some that don't fall off when he sweats but have yet to find a way to remove the new stickier ones without causing the poor little guy some pain.

Six weeks down...four to go...


Sarah said...

My co-workers son was diagnosed with the same thing at the same age. They also thought he may have to have surgery but he did not. The patches did the trick! Will be praying that it goes the same for Caleb!

Angie Cousins said...

What a tough little guy- that's got to be hard! Wish so much that we had gotten to catch up in Colorado- next time we should make plans ahead of time. Good though to hear some updates on your blog! Keep us updated on Caleb.

Sarah D. said...

Hey, I saw your updates on Fb and wandered over to your blog. Anyway, I had a comment regarding the eye patch. When I was little I had crossed eyes and had to wear a patch (also had surgery). You can get an eye patch that has an elastic strap on it (kind of like a pirate). I think that may be the only other option. I hope C doesn't have to have surgery and that just the patch works.

hugs from IL!

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