Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Doctor's Appointment

I went to the doctor today to talk to her about my infertility.  We are going to start tests next week...a progesterone test to see if I am ovulating...and a few others. It was harder than I expected to sit there and discuss this with her.  I guess it was because it makes the problem more real. 

The Lord gave us an incredible child two years ago, and I believe he will bless us with another one again.  I am not exactly sure how He will do that...whether through getting pregnant or adoption...both wonderful options.  But, God is helping me to trust Him, and I am grateful for the opportunity to walk with Him on this journey.  

We really do appreciate your prayers.  Thanks, friends.  We love you. 

And as fears have risen in my heart, the Lord has continually been blessing me with amazing views of the moon and planets...our lovely sunsets...autumn...etc.  And, He keeps reminding me that He who created all this created me too...and He has our lives in His hands.  Thanks, Lord.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Mandy! Again I want to tell you what a precious, brave woman you are! I am praying for you in all this. I will also send you an email from my 'real cool' email address, so I hope you get it! (I tried to last week, but maybe it went to your spam b/c of the address?)

-rachel :o)

Ben Davy said...

Crystal and I will be praying with you guys through this time. Having close family in the same position, we empathize. Seems like one of those things couples rarely plan on dealing with in their life and marriage, and yet so many do deal with it. And I know it's not easy at all. May God grant patience and trust through this time.

Sarah said...

I read your still waiting post and this one. I can truly say I understand. Jason and I were trying for 18 months. We'd been tracking everything meticulously. We had gone to see a fertility specialist. The prognosis wasn't good. I was supposed to start fertility medication April 1st...but alas, March 14th we saw that amazing positive sign we'd been longing for. Of course I don't know how God has chosen to write you guys story, but I know He can do anything. I feel for you and I pray for you!

kristilynn said...

Mandy as i read your words, spilling your hearts fears and desires... I miss you. You are one of the most sweet and God filled women i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I will be praying for you and your family.

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