Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We own a house!

Well, technically we don't own a house.  The bank owns our house.  They're just letting us live here.  :-)  I guess we own a small percentage of it.  I decided tonight that it's the wood floors we own...and maybe a small portion of the backyard. 

Our closing happened today.  It was almost two weeks after our first closing date, but nonetheless it happened.  After signing a million and two forms, we bought a house.  It definitely wasn't as exciting as I am sure most closings are since we are already living here, but it was still fun. Now...we have some work to do.

But, my part of that work will have to wait.  Caleb and I are taking off on Thursday to go out to Indiana to see my family.  Brandon isn't traveling this summer, so he will remain home...and hopefully start taking off some of that wood paneling that's covering the walls of three rooms. 

NOTE:  All of the pictures were taken before we moved in.  I haven't taken any since...but I will.  

This is our dining room...eating area. It is part of the kitchen.  We are going to paint the panel-less walls a golden color...which I hope is different enough from the existing floors.  We'll see.  We already bought the paint, so there is no turning back. 

The above room is Caleb's now.  We are going to go out and order new carpet tomorrow, and I think we might paint the room green with blue and red magnetic stripes.  We haven't bought that paint yet, so who knows what it will end up as. 

The other picture is our backyard.  It is a great size for us, and Caleb is having a great time.  One carport will be taken down and removed by the previous owners. We're not sure what we are going to do with the other. 

 The picture on top is our living room window, and the picture on the bottom is the front yard.  Do you notice the GRASS!?!? And the wrought iron fence is so great for our little boy to play freely on the GRASS!  I am so excited about that green stuff covering our yard.  Have you noticed?  Now to just learn how to take care of it. 

I have taken so few pictures since we have been here, and we have yet to take a picture of the front of the house.  I will put some more up soon, but just imagine a 1960s ranch...with a porch swing that we (I) are (am) hoping to put up soon.  :-)

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Jeff and Julia said...

Congratulations!! It's so great!! Your front yard looks so nice! I can't wait to see more pics.

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