Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Few Random Updates

Brandon had an ultrasound last week, and we found out that his clot has hardened.  This is good because it means that it is much less likely to break off and cause an embolism.  Really good news.  We also found out that it is in a superficial vein and not a deep vein.  Also good news. Although our doctor had diagnosed it as a DVT, the technician thought that it was never in a deep vein.  Our doctor thinks it was and that it has just dissolved.  Either way, we are happy and still so thankful for the diagnosis. 

We are still moving ahead with the house but there isn't much that can be done over the weekend.  We are still very excited, and I spent too much time this weekend looking at decorating magazines.  :-)  

We finally went on our first hike with a walking little boy.  He loved it!  We went up and did a tiny hike in the Organs at La Cueva.  It is pretty slow paced, but we notice a lot of things that we wouldn't otherwise notice...due to our very observant child.  The first picture is from that trip and the second was Memorial Day weekend when we tried to have a cookout at a park with a lake.  Bad idea.  Caleb seems to have no fear of water.  Wish I could say the same for myself.


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