Monday, April 28, 2008

Lambda Chi High Alpha

Brandon has been very involved this last year in the Lambda Chi fraternity here on campus.  He was a Lambda Chi at K-State, and he has loved getting to know the guys at the NMSU chapter.  On Saturday night, we went to their White Rose Formal.  It was our third year going, but this year was really fun for me.  I loved seeing him interact with all of the guys.  

A part of the evening involves an awards ceremony.  The last formal award of the evening was for the High Alpha award, a recognition chosen by the chapter president.  As Nate, the president, was sharing about the recipient (an alum who had contributed significantly to the chapter this year, who was not even a part of the chapter), I started hearing guys all over the banquet room whispering to each other, "It's Brandon!"  "Brandon." 

When they said his name for the award, I wanted to cry.  It was so fun to see him recognized for something he loves so much.  I am very grateful for all the ways in which the Lord has blessed my husband's job this year.  He has loved it more than ever before.  Thanks, God.  :-)

I didn't edit this photo very well.  The red eye fix made these poor men look like aliens.  They don't really look like that.  I brought our old camera to the event.  Sorry. 

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